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Centro Direzionale, IS/F3 - 80143, Napoli
Email: info@phantasya.it
Tel: 08119349460

Calle Numancia, 185 – P.2 PTA.2
Barcelona, 08034

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Press Review

Through press review we monitor the most important newspapers, carrying out an analysis of local, national and international news, and providing a clear picture of each sector.

Content Management

We manage, update and spread the contents correctly, publishing them periodically through social media, newsletters and email marketing campaigns, enabling this way the proper flow of information.

Press Office

We activate an information flow designed to strengthen the public image of our clients and to ensure an accurate press service on products, initiatives and promoted events.


Events are a moment of interaction and dialogue with the public, so they have an essential communicative value in the management of relationships with the target audience and stakeholders.

Social Media Marketing

To improve the positioning of our customers’ activity, we design social media marketing campaigns, selecting the right range of contents to create a positive impact on the target.

SEO & Web Marketing

Visibility on the web is a fundamental component to the success of a company; through campaigns and the integration of different actions, we enable our customers to better position themselves on the web.


Cultural Heritage

Through the 3D reconstructions of archaelogical sites, the development of virtual realities and digital restoration projects, we care to preserve the cultural heritage, making it the scene of immersive experiences, and allowing the public to live the antiquities through the use of modern and virtual tools.

Graphic & Web Design

An effective visual identity is a requirement common to all sectors, from public to private. For this very reason we structure on and offline creative projects, ranging from brand identity operations, packaging, up to the creation of web sites.

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Broadcast (theme songs, clip, spot) | Direction (Post production, FULL HD cameras) | 2D Animation (Cartoons) | 3D Animation (modelling and animations) | Virtual Reality (online, offline) | Augmented Reality |Stereoscopic 3D | Presentations and multimedia titles.