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Pompeya, El Último Gladiador

Pompeya, el último gladiador, is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to immerse oneself in the Pompeii of two thousand years ago, left intact under a blanket of volcanic ash and unveiled in one of the most important and visited archaeological sites in the world. More than one hundred artifacts from the Museo Mann (National Archaeological Museum of Naples) the archaeological site’s most important landmark museum, allow visitors to enter the heart of daily life in the city buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, A refined narrative, multimedia exhibits produced with the most advanced technology, and a large section dedicated to virtual reality, will offer a highly immersive experience, a multisensory journey of the highest visual impact along the streets of the past, with the suggestions and memory of a civilization fundamental to the development of human progress.

The exhibition, which opened on May 31, 2023, runs until October 15, 2023 at the Museo Marítim in Barcelona.

The exhibition is curated by Beniamino Levi, president of The Dalí Universe and is directed by Roberto Panté, artistic director of The Dalí Universe.

Pompeya, el último gladiador – Video spot

Pompeya, el último gladiador – presentazione

The Museographic Project

Phantasya created the museographic project, starting with the creation of the theme with main focus on gladiators and their fights, a reality strongly representative of ancient Rome. A multisensory journey of the highest visual impact awaits the viewer who will walk the streets of the past, enjoying the suggestions and memory of a civilization fundamental to the development of human progress, enriching his or her knowledge of the customs and habits of the social fabric of the Roman Empire.

The Exhibits

Framing and supporting the artistic scope of the works are a number of multimedia exhibits; projections, video-mapping, holograms, and an interactive table that not only showcases the itinerary but also allows younger visitors to play playful applications created in theme with the exhibition.
The exhibits provide a ‘highly immersive experience for the visitor, who can interact directly with the ancient Gladiators.

The set-ups

Each area of the itinerary has an original soundtrack and a voiceover as background. Phantasya also took care of the exhibition’s layout aspects: the creation of display cases and supports for the works, designed specifically for the exhibition, panels and infographics scattered along the exhibition itinerary, and the lighting design. The interior layout is designed to reconstruct aspects of the civilization of ancient Rome.

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