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Phantasya manages the artistic organization of the 2oth edition of the Ecomondo fair.

International Fair of the material and energy recovery and of sustainable development, with the exhibition “ExNovoMaterials in the circular economy”.

Ex Novo Materials – in the Circular Economy
Ex Novo Materials (Promo)

ExNovoMaterials in the circular economy

Ecomondo 2016 celebrates its 20 years activity with an exhibition dedicated to the Green Economy. Protagonists of the event the so-called ExNovoMaterials, all the potentially sustainable materials. The main focus is on the experimentation and innovation in the use of paper, steel, pneumatics, plastic, wood, recycling and environmental awareness.

The Exhibits

Phantasya managed the artistic direction and making of the multimedia contents in the exhibition.

Holograms realized through the Holobox technology, original soundtracks, all the visual effects, the promo videos and spot.