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Lapis, the secrets of Pietrasanta

“Lapis, the secrets of Pietrasanta”

It is an exhibition which opens to the public the crypt and subterrean caves of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Naples, enriched by an evocative 4.0 journey which links facts of the past with the story of the city through a multisensorial path.

Lapis – I Segreti della Pietrasanta
Spot Pietrasanta

The Museographic Project

The subterrean path is accessible thanks to the work of the Polo Pietrasanta ONLUS Association and the diocese of Naples, following the monumental complex redevelopment project.

It is a multimedia path 40 meters underground, unique not only in Naples but in Italy as well, created in one of the most beautiful archaeological historical sites of the city, recognized by the Unesco.

The Exhibits

A series of projections and holograms made by Phantasya guide the visitors in the undergrounds of the basilica, thanks to the figurative richness of virtual reality Oculus technology, which will allow tourists to live a 360° journey in the secrets of the Pietrasanta, a 3D mapping with perspectival and luminous games and a documentary on the undergrounds of Naples.

In the tour there’s also a cinema room which explains the history of the whole monumental complex.

The set-up

The tour has the artistic direction of Roberto Pantè from Phantasya. Phantasya worked on the exhibition, with the video-audio production, the script of the itinerary, the original soundtracks, the translation of the whole tour, the lighting project, the information boards and infographics, the design of the different area, the apps for the ZSpace.


The communication done for the project is comprehensive of visual identity, the website creation, the plan of the billboard campaign, the making and distribution of the promo video, the starting planning of the social networks is all made by Phantasya.