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The exhibition “Leonardo Da Vinci, The face of a Genius”

Featuring the iconic self-portrait “La Tavola Lucana” has been inaugurated in the city of Puebla (Mexico) the 9th july 2018. The portrait of the master from Florence was transported from the Royal Library of Turin to be exhibited  in the Gallery of the Municipal Palace of Puebla for the public from 10th july to the 7th october 2018.

Spot Leonardo da Vinci – The Face of a Genius

The Exhibition

The Tavola Lucana, Da Vinci’s self-portrait, is the main artwork of the interactive exhibition made with the collaboration of Phantasya, in which art and technology combine to offer an unique sensorial experience on the life and work of this Renaissance icon. The Tavola Lucana or Tavola of Acerenza has been discovered  in 2008.

The Exhbits

Phantasya made the museographic project, the multimedia project, the mini documentaries, the original soundtrack of the spot.
The script of the whole tour has been thought to support the vision of the artwork by explaining the life and works of Leonardo. On this premise different exhibits were created, including an holographic projection and interactive walls.

The set-up

Phantasya also worked on the set-up of the exhibtion, making the information boards and infographics throughtout the itinerary. In a multimedia room there are virtual and augmented reality technologies, with the Oculus Rift, and 3D videographic content.

The Multimedia Room

In the 360° video there’s a reproduction of the Refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie of Milan, where Leonardo is painting the Last Supper.
Through an interactive table the itinerary is explained; it also allows the younger visitors to play the exhibtion themed game apps realized.