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The exhibition “Salvador Dalí – The Persistence of the Opposites”  inaugurated in Matera on December 1,  2018,

Organized by the Dalí Universe, an organization headed by Beniamino Levi and specialized in Salvador Dalí, managing one of the largest private collections of Dalí artworks in the world, with the support of the cultural association Circolo La Scaletta and the Municipality of Matera, engaged in external installations on the urban territory and the artistic direction of Roberto Pantè.

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The Promo

The Museographic Project

Phantasya created the museographic project,  starting with the creation of the four main themes, the classification of the artworks in themes, up until the making of the multimedia exhibits, the documentary, the original soundtrack of the exhibition. The script of the entire tour has been thought to narrate the themes of Time, the Contrast between an hard shell and a soft interior, Religion and Metamorphosis.

The Exhbits

Different exhibits were created following the themes: from holograms, made through the holographic fan and film techniques, up to 3D morphing animations.

A multimedia room hosts technologies like virtual and augmented reality, with the Oculus Rift headset, with 3D videographic content. An interactive table, explains the tour and allows younger visitors to play with Dalí themed game apps.

The set-up

Every area of the tour has an original sountrack and a dalinian voiceover. Phantasya also created the set up of the exhibition: the making of the display cases for the artworks, designed specifically for the exhibition, information boards and infographics spread throughout the itinerary, the lighting project.


The communication activities, visual and brand identity, social media and web marketing projects, the making of the website www.daliamatera.it, the making and distribution of the promo video, the organization of the grand opening and press conference, the managing of the social networks is all done by Phantasya.